The Key To Planning An Unforgettable Day Is Music

music bandWeddings are an emotional event, and not just for the bride, groom, and their families. But, also for the people who attend the event as well. The event sparks emotional memories and anticipated hopes for the future. As the saying goes, “Music calms the savage beast.”


And since the tone of the day starts with the ceremony music and ends with the reception music, keep the guest list in mind when you are selecting your music.

During the ceremony, there are six different formal program parts that you need to select music for: Prelude, Processional, Bride Entrance, Recessional, Interlude, and Postlude.


The prelude music should have a calm pastoral air to it. It is welcoming music that is meant to remove the stress caused by travel, event preparation, and emotions from the atmosphere. It is meant to center everyone’s focus on the reason for the ceremony.


The processional music formally introduces the families of the bride/groom and their attendants. The chosen music can be different for each group of people or it can be the same song for everyone if the number of participants is small.

Bride Entrance

This song can be the traditional wedding entrance song or a personal selection. In general, it is considered part of the processional.


The recessional music is usually peppy and high in energy. It is used during the formal exit of the bridal party.


Interlude songs are meant to enhance the ceremony. They are usually played during a time when there is no ritual being performed. For example, during meditation, a prayer, or after a reading. An interlude song can also be a solo selection to put emphasis on the special occasion.


The postlude songs are vibrant and quick in pace. These songs are played as the guests exit the ceremony.

The individual interlude music selections played during the ceremony should be kept to a minimum of two and no more than three. The ceremony should be a wonderful serene celebration of love and commitment that exudes into the atmosphere. The day then transitions over to the reception. During the reception, the mood should be transformed into a time of celebration, a way to send the couple into a new life with joy and laughter. The music transition is key, spark memories, and encourage dancing.